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  • 1. The event is for new B tv customers only.
  • 2. The discounts and the amount of the department store gift certificate may vary depending on the subscription and the contract period. Please check the details during the subscription consultation.
  • 3. The discount price includes VAT.
  • 4. Department store gift certificates are provided as Shinsegae, Homeplus mobile gift certificates or SK Pay points, and the certificates type may be subject to change.
  • 5. KBS & MBC & SBS/CJ ENM/JTBC/OCEAN/Super Kids Club/TV CHOSUN/MBN/Channel A/AniPrime/Happy Senior monthly subscription method: [B tv] - [Monthly Subscription] Menu > apply coupons during check out
  • 6. After signing up for the KBS & MBC & SBS/CJ ENM/JTBC/OCEAN/Super Kids Club/TV CHOSUN/MBN/Channel A/AniPrime/Happy Senior monthly subscription, the first month will be free. The normal fee will be charged from the second month. (If you wish to cancel, contact +82106)
  • 7. You may check the expire date of the KBS & MBC & SBS/CJ ENM/JTBC/OCEAN/Super Kids Club/TV CHOSUN/MBN/Channel A/AniPrime/Happy Senior Welcome Pack Coupon in [B tv] - [MY] - [My Storage] - [Coupons] (Pre UI 521 versions) / [MY] - [Coupons] (UI 522 version).
  • 8. Discount rates are applied throughout the selected contract period (12 months or 36 months). At the end of the contract period, the same discount rate will be offered to you if you wish to renew the contract.

* Terms and Conditions for Foreign Customer Exclusive Plan

  • 1. You must present your Residence Card (formerly known as Alien Registration Card) upon sign-up.
  • 2. Customers with an existing internet plan are able sign up after the current contract expires.
  • 3. Internet installation is done by one of our technicians and a separate dispatch fee will be charged.
  • 4. Internet speed may vary depending on your location or the performance capabilities of your PC/other devices.
  • 5. If you cancel the service before the end of contract, additional cancellation fee, based on the discounts received, will be charged.
  • 6. General terms and conditions will be applied to other matters upon sign-up and cancellation.

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